Spotify Premium APK Free Download (April 2018)

Almost every human being in the world likes music. It creates inner peace and enables the mind to settle down from stress. That is how we humans are but, 100 years ago it was not that easy to get a chance to listen to music. The only medium for listening to music was through tapes and radio. However, today, it’s totally different almost majority music albums in the world is at our fingertips.

The music industry has developed tremendously, from tapes to compact disk and from compact disks to online streaming. Today, we have dozens of top rated apps that provide online music streaming services. Spotify Premium apk is one such top-rated music streaming app used worldwide today.

Spotify Premium apk is an Android app that allows the user to stream any music online on an Android device. In fact, Spotify Music is actually free app available on Google play store and many other sites that provide software downloads.


However, some of the features in the app are locked and there is also an issue of advertisements popping up every now and then. To enable the features and remove the advertisement the user has to pay the developer a fixed amount. But, we have a solution to this issue. The all-new Spotify Premium apk has all the features unlocked and advertisements removed. Here are the attractive features offered by the Spotify Premium apk.

  1. Spotify Connect
  2. No Advertisements
  3. Unlimited songs and music without paying a dime
  4. Take your music offline
  5. HD Sound Quality
  6. Ultra user-friendly User Interface
  7. Repeat, Shuffle, seeking enabled

Spotify Connect – This feature on Spotify music is locked and the user has to pay to unlock this feature. However, on our Spotify Premium free apk, this feature comes unlocked and the user can connect the device to any other compatible devices. It can be a music system or a Bluetooth speaker.

No Advertisements – Advertisements on the Spotify Music app were one of the most annoying things. However, the all-new Spotify Premium apk comes with absolutely no advertisement.

Unlimited songs and music without paying a dime – Our all-new Spotify cracked 2018 does not cost you anything to listen to your favourite songs. All the songs are absolutely free of charges.

Take your music offline – What do you think the Spotify premium apk’s top feature is?? It is clearly the option that allows the user to download or save the music on Spotify Premium apk to your device memory. Our all-new Spotify Premium apk offline feature enables the user to download his/her favourite song and store it in their device internal storage.

HD Sound Quality – Forget the days when you had to pay the developer for playing the music on Spotify at HD quality. The Spotify Premium apk has this feature unlocked by default. The user can enjoy 320kbps HD music without paying a dime.

Ultra user-friendly User Interface – One of the most common issues faced by users on cracked apps are that the errors and messed up UI’s however, Spotify Premium cracked 2018 apk is totally error free and unlike other cracked apps, the user interface is smooth and stable.

Repeat, Shuffle, seeking enabled – All these features in Spotify Music app are locked and the user had to pay to unlock the features. However, the Spotify Premium apk comes with all these features enabled by default and the user does not have to pay a dime to enjoy these features.

You can check all these above features in this video.

Last Update was on 9th March 2018
Latest Version 8.4
Developer Spotify Ltd
Size of App 35 Mb
Number of installs 120 million
Rating 4+

Important things to remember before installing Spotify Premium apk

  1. If you already have installed a normal Spotify Music app, you will have to uninstall the app and then install the Spotify Premium Cracked 2018 app
  2. For countries like India, the user should install VPN proxy app’s
  3. Before installing the app the user should enable his/her device setting “Unknown Sources”
  4. Do not update the app under any circumstances. Update the app and you will lose the cracked extra features available in the app.

Step by step procedure to install the all-new Spotify Premium cracked apk.

Step 1: Click here and download the Spotify Premium apk file to your device

Step 2: If you have a previously installed Spotify Music, uninstall the app

Step 3: Now, go to your Mobile settings, select privacy or security, and then enable the option “Unknown source”

Step 4: Now select the Spotify Premium apk installation file from the downloaded location and click install

Step 5: Once the installation is complete, a Spotify Premium icon will be added to your home screen. Click this icon and open the app.

Step 6: Now the app will prompt you to create an account or login with an existing account. Enter the account details if you already have an account or else create an account by selecting the Sign-Up button on the app

Step 7: Enter the details and login, in case if the app produces an error message that the app is not available for your country. Don’t worry. You can use the app through VPN.

Step 8: if the app is available in your country you can simply login and use the app.

Download Spotify Premium APK MOD

Here is the step by step procedure for VPN setup for countries that do not allow Spotify.

Spotify is currently available in only 60 countries. If your country is not among them, you won’t be able to use Spotify Premium cracked 2018 apk. To use the app follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Click this, link and install any one VPN Proxy.

Step 2: Open the proxy app after installation, now the Hola proxy app opens with the home screen having Spotify premium apk icon in it.

Step 3: click this Spotify Premium apk icon, now; you will get an option on the screen to “Access From” with “OPEN” button near. Select the country and click the open button.

Step 4: The Hola app will ask you to login to their account by creating an account in Hola; enter the details and login if necessary.

PS: Spotify Premium apk will not work in India and some other countries as the app is not available for these countries. So for using the app it is mandatory that the users should download a VPN app and add VPN proxy settings to their device and select the location as USA or Australia from the VPN app.


The Spotify Premium apk works fine on any Android devices. The user does not have to ROOT or make any complicated changes for the smooth functioning of this app. Spotify Premium apk is not available for some countries, for such countries you can use a VPN proxy and access the database. Every step for the installation and use of the new Spotify premium apk is mentioned above follow the instructions carefully for successful installation.